Here is a very incomplete list of projects I have been involved in and some that are currently in progress.

Radicos TwinBridge

A cross-platform QT5 application to read and process vast amounts of sensor data. Currently (Oct. 2019) being rewritten as a set of independent services making heavy use of Python's asyncio framework.

Technologies: Python, QT5, Serial Interfaces

APA Medialab (2017-2019)

I was a member of the APA Medialab. During my time there we focussed on implementing the Google Design Sprint methods for the media industry. My task was the creation of prototypes, mainly with the help of modern frontend tooling. Python was used as the glue between the various in-house data sources and the frontend. Lots of text analysis with the help of machine learning techniques.

Technologies: multiple frontend technologies, Python, Machine Learning, Fasttext, Perl

BeeTwo Issue Tracker (2016)

A proof-of-concept geographic issue tracker that is intended to be used by humanitarian organisations. This project is built using django on the backend and a web interface that makes extensive use of modern frontend tooling. Source code can be found at IssueTracker.

Himalaya Archive Vienna (since 2015)

This project can be seen as a follow up to my previous work at the University of Vienna. The aim is to modernize the WHAV and build up a new portal that focuses on multimedia content as opposed to the existing image repository. We intend to create innovative visualisations of related multimedia assets.

Digital signage solution @ Erste Campus

A large scale, custom built digital signage solution created with C99 that is currently in use at one of the largest company headquarters in Vienna. Some more information can be found at dsigns

Technologies: React, uwsgi, websockets, Python, some embedded systems programming

Campus IT @ WU (2011-2014)

I was a member of the now defunct Campus-IT department at the Vienna University of Economics. We were responsible for a number of rather innovative software projects (hopefully not defunct) that were part of the universities relocation to a new and modern campus in another part of town.

Apart from some smaller projects including the universities phone directory and the omnipresent digital door signs at the campus I spent most of my time working on the decentralized room booking system. The software is a near-real-time resource planning system that is being used both by the centralized course planning department and students alike.

Western Himalayan Archive Vienna (2005-2010)

This started off as a student job and ended at remote and interesting places. I was involved in the development of a large digital image archive and database, the WHAV. This was the first large django driven project I worked on. During my time there I was lucky enough to travel to some of the places depicted on the images we archived.

Secure Systems Lab, Vienna (2006-2008)

I wrote both my bachelor and master's thesis at the Secure Systems Lab. The publications can be found on the project's publications page. They deal with static analysis of phishing sites and the detection of stored XSS attack vectors in database driven web applications. These papers were presented at conferences in Lucerne and Boston (RAID). We were also quite successful at participating at international CTF tournaments.